things i love

These pages (and possibly more) coming soon!

music videos

: I like music videos. They're mini-films of your favorite musicians doing God-knows-what paired alongside your favorite tracks.
Here, you'll find some music videos I like accompanied by a little rundown of my thoughts on the song, band, and most importantly, the video!

  • Page currently under construction!

The Sims 4

: I'm hoping to use this page to show and express my experiences playing The Sims 4! I'll probably go over what some of favorite mods are, crazy/funny moments with my sims, and even side-by-side image comparisons of celebrity sims I've created.

  • Sims 4 Page Coming Soon!

Wall Of Voodoo

: A one-hit wonder New Wave band from the '80s... and my most favorite band as of late! I'm planning on dedicating a page to them, but more specifically, of all the WOV records and merch that I have collected so far.

  • Wall Of Voodoo page coming soon!