about me

Hello! My name is Lirio.

Some things I like to do for fun include drawing, coding, making GIFs, and listening to music.

Currently, I only code during my free time, just for fun, so don't expect anything fancy!

interests + inspo

  • Musical Obsessions: Some of my most favorite genres include post-punk, dark wave/cold wave, thrash metal, minimal synth, '70s American/English rock, '80s Spanish pop/rock, '70s latin ballads, and italo disco.
  • Design Inspirations: The '70s and '80s, music, fanlisting sites, old-school Habbo Hotel, and web design from 2003-2007.

my gaming setup

If you would like to know what I use to make my website and everything else in between, here you go:

  • GIMP (version 2.8.22), for making and editing most of my site's graphics.
  • Notepad++
  • Google Chrome, to test and preview my site's code.

My current monitor resolution is 1920x1080.